Cleaners & Release Agents

Liquid Separator W-11 - is an easy flow, ready-to-use release agent that can be applied by a brush, cloth or spray gun, and will leave a thin even coating. It takes approximately 15 minutes to cure and can also be polished with a soft cloth.


Spray Separator W-11 - is an easy to use spray release agent that comes in an aerosol can and can be polished in approximately 15 minutes after spraying with a soft cloth.


Paintable Wax - is a thick general purpose release agent that is applied by brush to non-critical surfaces to aid in separation. This release agent does not leave an even film but is commonly used on vertical non-critical surfaces to provide .002" - .004" clearance.


Spray Separator TF (Teflon) - is an easy flow, ready-to-use release agent that can be applied by a brush, cloth or spray gun and leaves a thin even coating. Typically used on quills and bushings, it makes detachment easier than with the wax release. It is used when the surfaces must be sheared at separation.


Separator Paste - is a light, paste-like consistency with an excellent releasing quality which is applied with a soft cloth. This release takes approximately 30 minutes to cure and can be polished to a very accurate coating thickness. It can be left rather thick in an attempt to build up clearance. This is the most environmentally friendly release agent in that it only contains Petroleum Distillates.


Cleaner/Degreaser - has been specifically formulated to deep clean metallic surfaces of oil and grease. With its high delivery rate under pressure, it is used to clean surfaces without the need for wiping or blow drying. Our cleaner leaves no residue making it an excellent cleaner for adhesion surfaces.


Deoiling Powder 500 grams - Deoiling Powder extracts oils, grease, lubricants and other fluids by means of its hygroscopic properties. The surface should be cleaned and dried prior to its application. Powder is light blue when applied and will turn dark blue within one hour in the presence of oil. If the powder surface becomes wet (dark blue) remove and repeat application. Clean surface thoroughly after use.


FluoSolv WS Cleaner

FluoSolv WS is a non-flammable and non-toxic replacement for N-propyl Bro-mide (nPB) and Trichloroethylene (TCE) with a high allowable exposure limit that makes it a very safe solvent for use as a spray, wipe or dip cleaner. Its high Kb value provides excellent solubility for fluorinated and hydrocarbon oils & greases. FluoSolv WS is compatible with most metals, ceramics, glass and elastomers.






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